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Mummy's Organics perineal massage oil from Seb and I

Mummy's Organics | Perineal Massage Oil


Mummy's Organics natural and delicate oil is safe to use for perineal massage from 32 weeks of pregnancy.  Performing perineal massage improves the texture and elasticity of the skin, reducing the risk of perineal trauma. Includes almond oil to soften the skin and retain moisture. Grapeseed oil and vitamin E helps to improve elasticity.




~ Perineal massage softens the tissues, allowing for more elasticity during labour

~ Lowers the risk of perineal tearing and requiring stitches

~ Provides flexibility and moisture to the perineal area, reducing the need for an episiotomy

~ Helps to break down any previous scar tissue, allowing the skin to be more flexible


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