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Welcome To Seb & I

Seb and I

Hello, I'm Rebecca- the 'I' behind Seb & I. 

I'm a mum of 3 gorgeous boys; Oliver, Noah & Seb. All who have a blood clotting condition called Haemophilia, which can make some days a little 'interesting'. We live in West Yorkshire with our crazy sausage dog & I have a lovely husband too!.

Over the past few years I have always wanted to have something that I could call my own, but had never really settled with the right idea. That was until recently. 


There  is quite an age gap between Oliver & Seb - even Noah to be fair. I most certainly aged over those years, definitely more bags under those eyes! But also my perspectives, ideals & behaviours altered. I like to think for the better. I am much more eco conscious & as a family we are really trying to make positive changes & to reduce our impact on the world we live in. However, I confess that we are far from perfect. 


My new hobby is actually cloth nappies! I decided to use cloth with Seb after I became more aware of the issues surrounding disposable nappies. Did you know it takes over 300 years for a nappy to decompose? To be honest I don't think cloth even entered my head with Oliver or Noah. However, I have however found my new love & I am a massive cloth nappy advocate.


We are also more conscious of what we buy & use. Considering whether something is actually needed before making that purchase & I love shopping small! I really feel like the smallest of changes can make a big difference & I’m committed to making this difference. I have a major issue with plastic & attempt to avoid it as much as possible. I read that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! What a truly sad thought!


I remember being really frustrated whilst looking for essentials for Seb & myself during & after my pregnancy. Everything I wanted seemed to come from a  different retailer & my bugbear of paying postage grew even more.  My disdain for plastic was at an all time high & I found myself searching high & low for eco-friendly alternatives.


So during the second national lock down, in between homeschooling, a new baby & everything else, Seb & I was born. My aim was to create a variety of different themed gift boxes containing natural/ organic, eco-friendly, sustainable & ethically sourced products for all! I want to take the pressure off new mum's/ mum's-to-be & gifters searching for these items & provide them with amazing high quality products in just a couple of clicks. I also genuinely want to open people's eyes to options that are so much friendlier for our families & our gorgeous planet.

Basically, I'm a mum of 3 (totally winging it) on a mission to spread awareness about all things eco & the love for the beautiful world we live in. 

Much love, 

Seb & I



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