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The Calm Birth

I’m Natalie, Mum to two glorious girls who entered the world very differently back in 2011 and 2013. The first, Darcey Valerie took her time to introduce herself to us and required some help in doing so. I was naive as to how much choice there was surrounding birth and how much power I had within me to have a calmer birth. I had a lot of fear during my birth and at times it held me back from doing what my body was capable of. Still, she arrived on her birthday (not her ‘due date’) full of wonder and curiosity that has never wavered to this day. Then came Polly Valentine 2 years later. By then I was armed with a more positive mindset, the right tools and techniques through hypnobirthing and a fearless confidence in myself and my choices. Polly arrived swiftly, calmly and with no intervention. She too arrived on her birthday full of joy and kindness.

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