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How To Use Roam Cloth Nappies

When will Roam one-size pocket nappies fit my new baby?

Roam reusable nappies should fit most babies from around 8-12 lbs, with 10 lbs being the general sweet spot. All babies are different and our one-size nappies may fit sooner or later. Roam one-size pocket nappies will continue to fit up to around 35 lbs, or when your child is toilet ready. Our one-size pocket nappies are a generously sized so-called ‘birth-to-potty’ nappy.

How many Roam reusable nappies will I need?

A rough estimate, for full-time use you will need around 15-30 reusable nappies. This allows you to have nappies clean and dry when it's wash day. This varies depending on the age of your baby. As a baby gets older, there will be less frequent nappy changes. However, you don’t need to rush out and buy 20 nappies if you’re thinking about making the switch to reusable nappies — starting with one or two is an excellent way to dip your toes in and you’d be saving hundreds of disposable nappies from landfill just by using one cloth nappy a day!

What is a reusable pocket nappy?

A pocket nappy is a type of reusable cloth nappy where the absorbency goes inside the elasticated pocket in the back of the waterproof nappy cover and has a stay dry lining to wick moisture away from the skin. Absorbency can be customised if you need more or less in the pocket. Once the inserts are 'stuffed' inside the pocket, the whole nappy goes on a baby like an 'all-in-one' disposable nappy would. At every nappy change, the whole nappy comes off and a new nappy needs to be put on baby. Pull the inserts out of the pocket before storing in a bucket/wet bag for washing. Reusable nappies do sit lower and are a bit more fitted than disposable nappies. Most people will pre-stuff nappies after washing and drying so they are ready to use as needed. Pocket nappies are a great option for nurseries/childcare. 

How do I wash Roam reusable nappies?

Here are our recommendations on how to wash your reusable nappies. They are meant as a guide and this is what works well for us (and has done for three years of cloth nappy use). If you have your own way of doing things and it works for you — stick to it. If you're new to reusable / cloth nappies, it's a good starting point! We include a wash and fit guide inside every Roam order.

  1. Knock any solids (poo) into the toilet after nappy changes

  2. Pull out inserts and store everything in nappy bucket or wet bag — do not soak

  3. Machine wash every 2-3 days with a cool pre-rinse (no detergent) and a long cottons wash cycle at 40°c - 60°c, with detergent and spin set to 1000-1200. You can also add in other underwear, socks, tea towels at this stage to ensure the drum is 3/4 full when loading

  4. Air or line drying is preferable and will preserve the lifespan of cloth nappies. Inserts can be tumble dried, but do not tumble dry the PUL covers

  5. Don't use fabric softener or bleach

  6. Use a liner when using nappy rash creams or avoid lanolin-based creams.

How do I fit Roam reusable nappies?

Reusable cloth nappies are not complicated to use and, in essence, are the same as a disposable to put on - you are simply fitting it to and around the baby.

Once your Roam reusable nappies have been pre-washed and dried, we recommend stuffing the bamboo inserts inside the pocket and setting your rise height to make life easier at nappy changes. The rise height will stay on this setting throughout washes and you’ll only ever need to adjust these when your baby is ready for the next size up. 

  1. Lay baby on the open nappy, with the back waistband sitting just above the bottom and hips, where underwear would sit. The front of the nappy should sit around / below the belly button.

  2. Lift the front of the nappy through the legs and pull upwards, fitting the leg elastics into the groin crease. Bending one knee at a time while squeezing the front of the nappy and pulling up and in towards the groin can help prevent leaks.

  3. Keeping hold of the front of the nappy with one hand, pull a side wing up towards the direction of the armpit and pull around to meet the front panel, fastening the hip snap onto the bottom row.

  4. Now fasten the waist snaps to fit baby and repeat for the other side of the nappy.

  5. Check you can run two fingers between the tummy and the front of the nappy. There should be no gaping at the back of the nappy and the leg elastics should be flat — run a finger inside the elastics to ensure they feel snug against baby. Make sure the nappy is ‘tidy’ at the front and use your fingers to push any loose fabric up into the rise.

What do I do with the poo?

Probably one of the most common questions when it comes to reusable nappies! You simply shake anything solid off into the loo and flush it away. Did you know that even if you use disposable nappies, solids (poo/faeces) should always be flushed down the toilet before disposing of the nappy? Pre-weaned or liquid baby poo is fine to go straight into the washing machine until they are having solid food because it is biodegradable. Disposable and reusable nappy liners can help with clean-up.


What are Roam reusable nappies made from?

Roam reusable nappies and wet bags are made from a mix of materials. The waterproof covers are made from a recycled PUL fabric called REPREVE®. Roam's custom inserts are made from 10 layers of bamboo terry per set, provided with each nappy. They are super soft, absorbent and slim. Our washable baby wipes are also made from this same bamboo terry velour. The lining of a Roam nappy cover is either polyester microfleece or AWJ (birdseye/athletic wicking jersey). We are working towards using recycled or natural materials for every element of our cloth nappies. All materials have Oeko-Tex certification from our manufacturing facility.

What is REPREVE® recycled PUL?

PUL is an acronym for polyurethane laminate, which is polyester fabric thermally laminated or coated on the backside with a thin, breathable waterproof layer. It's a very common material for reusable nappies and wet bags. Roam uses recycled polyester fabric before it is laminated. 

Are reusable nappies comfortable?

Modern cloth nappies are nothing like old-fashioned nappies (which did serve humanity perfectly well until disposables became mainstream in the 1950's and 1960's!). Modern cloth nappies are made from innovative and natural materials and usually have a lightweight, breathable - yet waterproof - outer cover. Roam reusable cloth nappies are lined with stay-dry micro fleece. The stay-dry lining sits against baby's skin keeping it feeling cool and dry, while allowing liquids through into the absorbent part of the nappy. Even with saturated inserts, the lining will still feel dry against their bottom! When the weather is hot, modern cloth nappies are a comfortable choice due to their breathability, whereas disposable nappies are plastic.

Can Roam reusable pocket nappies be worn overnight?

They can work and some people do have success with using pocket or 'day' nappies for nighttime. However, many reusable nappies won't have the capacity for overnight wear without 'boosting' (adding extra absorbent inserts). Boosting the nappy too much can then cause leaks by being too close, or not close enough, to the body, due to the extra padding. We believe a two or three-part system (fitted nappy, booster and separate cover) is the best method for nights and many people aren't aware of this when using reusable cloth nappies. While they are not available yet, we are working on our very own night system separate to our pocket nappies. It will be available as a set with everything you need for nighttime use.


A Little Word From Seb & I

Here at Seb & I we recognise that the thought of cloth nappies may sound really daunting, please don't let this stop you. There is a huge amount of information out there & a whole community that is more than happy to offer advice & answer any questions. I exclusively use cloth for Seb & have done from around 3 months old. If I can do it, then you certainly can. Please get in touch if you want any further information. I will always be on hand to help or point you in the direction of the many nappy gurus out there. I'll also add that 'cloth mail' has become my new found favourite mail, like, ever. You'll get the bug when you start your cloth journey!

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