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Take Five Aromatherapy

After the birth of my first baby girl I realised that, like many mum's, I wasn’t finding time for self care anymore and I knew this needed to change.

During pregnancy and hypnobirth practice we always made time to prioritise relaxation: lighting a candle and practicing our breathing techniques, so I decided to create products that would support this precious journey and encourage other mum's to take time for their well being both in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

It was really important that all of our products smelt incredible but were also safe, kind and friendly for both expecting mum's and their bumps.

I had enjoyed using essential oils for their therapeutic properties during pregnancy and wanted Take Five’s products to include them, so I researched and created aromatherapy blends using specially selected pure essential oils that are safe and gentle to use, all while alleviating symptoms during the four trimesters of your precious pregnancy journey.

So take five minutes when you can, light a candle or two and relax with us, you deserve it mama!

Discover more at Take Five Aromatherapy.

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