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“BEZISA is a company born out of love for my children. Started small, but grew bigger by dreaming big. For my children I want to be an example of how to make something out of nothing. May you fall and get up. May you especially enjoy the (learning) road you travel. But also that there is more than work, choices, online worlds and luxury; and then that's each other."

Everything you see is inspired by nature. The materials, the colors and figures. I like design. Sleek shapes and perfection. The love for people and nature must be palpable. The creation of my designs did not happen overnight. They've needed their time. And only the finest material will suffice.

People find peace in nature. That's what I want to achieve with my designs for babies. In a world where everything is for sale and where we are overstimulated every day, I hope to offer something that encourages us to take a step back and connect with each other.
Take the time to look, study, enjoy and listen to the serene sound of the wood.

Discover more at Bezisa.

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