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The Little Paper Playhouse

Since graduating from the University of Arts London in 2011 I have worked as a designer for various leading brands. I have always had a passion for art and design, and so with the arrival of 3 children in 2 years I found myself in the perfect place last year to follow the dream of starting my own business which would work around family life.

​Paper sparks a sense of nostalgia as I have many fond memories imagining and creating with everyday paper objects found around the house. Even today you see children look more excited about a cardboard box than the object inside! I continue to be inspired by paper as a material and love thinking of intricate designs, shapes and structures to create which will be enjoyed for years to come.

Our collections showcase Scandinavian inspired paper art, prints and decor for the modern nursery, children's bedroom and playroom. The design style is playful and filled with positivity as this is certainly a time to spread more joy! We also believe art is wonderful for children's development. 

Taking care of our planet and building a sustainable future is really important. Our poster art, decor and play kits are created with FSC certified paper and wood. There is zero plastic in our packaging; we only use biodegradable sleeves, recycled card, cardboard and tissue paper.

Discover more at The Little Paper Playhouse.

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