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The Little Black & White Book Project

Ruth Bradford, founder, owner and creator of The Little Black and White Book Project. As a graphic designer by trade, Ruth decided to create her own illustrations, encapsulating her love for nature and wildlife and wrap them up in a picture book. Her mission is to inspire the next generation of animal lovers and conservationists from as early an age as possible, which is why black and white is the vehicle being so important from those first days. Ruth believes exposing children to the amazing wildlife on our planet beyond what they see on their doorstep is the best hope of protecting it for the future. Here at Seb & I we couldn’t agree more!

Ruth also strives for eco-friendly materials such as FSC certified and recycled paper, trying to be as plastic free as possible (this is a hard task!) and use lots of environmentally thoughtful packaging. As she wants the business to have as small an impact on our planet and as big an impact on customers as possible. 

Another amazing thing is that Ruth donates 25% of profits to wildlife charities. With the hope one day, she will have a fund that charities and experts can apply to, to help fund conservation and research projects.  

Research has shown that black and white, being the ultimate in high contrast, registers the strongest on a baby’s retina which in turn stimulates the brain. Strong visual signals to the brain means more brain growth and therefore faster visual development.


Discover more at The Little Black & White Book Project.  

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