Raw Halo

Raw Halo has passion for making the best-tasting raw chocolate. 

The idea came from Meg who wanted to pick up a chocolate bar, count the ingredients on one hand, understand all of them & for the chocolate to taste delicious. After deciding to make her own, she began with a simple blend of raw cacao and a touch of coconut sugar, which was an instant hit with friends and family.

They encouraged her to dream big & that she did in 2014. Raw Halo was born,  making organic raw chocolate from ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients, with shine, snap and smoothness in every bite.

Meg is now joined by her husband, Jonathan who joined the team and now they run Raw Halo together.

Eat chocolate, plant trees!! For every fifty bars Raw Halo sells, they  plant a tree in either the Andes forests in Peru, or Tanjung National Park in Indonesia. This enables them to give back to the communities that make their chocolate possible.