Natruba is a Danish family driven company, based on the small island Bornholm, run by Kasper & Line - husband & wife. In 2016 something in our lives changed. One of those things happened that will change you and your approach to life forever. We had our first child. Alberte. An unknown love and need to protect arose. 

Like most – especially first time - parents, we worried. We worried about everything! But especially when her natural need to put whatever she could in her mouth started. Concerned we searched for safe, chemical-free toys, but we found the range of safe toys not only small but uninspiring and boring as well. 

Overwhelmed with inspiration and a desire to design & produce the best and safest toy for her possible, in an environmentally friendly material we searched for that perfect material.
We were not fond of plastics, and what they might contain, wood was too hard and silicone, a synthetic material, did not seem appealing to us as a natural product does. Natural rubber on the other side is a fantastic, natural, non-toxic and safe material that is environmentally friendly & sustainable and at the same time highly hygienic and biodegradable and it is especially perfect for soothing sore gums.