Green Cheeks

Green Cheeks was started by Leanne in 2020. She always knew she wanted to use cloth nappies, but had no idea how they worked. After doing no research & making a couple of late pregnancy insomnia fulled impulse purchases. Her cloth nappy journey had begun. Little did she know the extent of the minefield she had entered, with so many brands & styles.

After a few false starts, Leanne gained advice from fellow mums & successfully used cloth nappies from 2 months old, right up until potty training her son Harrison. But, to make it work, she was forever inventing different combinations of inserts and covers, adding extra pads to so called "all-in-ones", and getting hooked on the addictive quest for the cutest patterns.

Green Cheeks was born after deciding to design nappies that just work, that don't need extra bits. That you don't need a degree in origami to get on & nappies that Dads, Grandparents and nursery can put on- just like a disposable.