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Eco Rascals

Kristina and Celeidh, two Mums whose mutual desire to keep the majority of the food we lovingly prepare for our children off the floor led them to designing a stylish range of children’s tableware products. All products have been designed with your family in mind.

Sharing a deep passion to reduce the use of plastic, they are committed to bringing you plastic free products that you & your children will love. Their first range of products are made of organic bamboo & food grade silicone. 

Their ethos being, ethical luxury for the next generation of rascals. Committed to innovating & producing eco-friendly children products. They want to make the lives of parents & caregivers easier & are dedicated to making sustainable stylish. They aim to build a business that positively contributes to local communities both socially & environmentally. 

Discover more at Eco Rascals. 

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